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Video Production

Video Production

Reach your goal with Video Content in the "Digital World"!

More than 400 million people watch at least one video every day.

In addition to our video production solutions, we work hard to make your voice heard with our professional social media management and digital marketing team. And we do this with pleasure and faith.

Video production works, like all other production processes, are an effort to create a creative and original product by using the information, materials and equipment at hand. The production process, on the other hand, includes all stages of video projects, from analysis, script, shooting, montage, editing, dubbing, dubbing and animation, regardless of the type of video.

Also, for your Social Media we produce stunning videos like; Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok for 15-second, 30-second, etc...

Although video production includes many sub-stages, it is basically a process consisting of 3 main stages. These;

Pre-production (Pre-production): The video concept is determined according to the type of video to be shot during the pre-production phase. In line with the determined concept and the purpose of the video, analyzes such as sector, target audience and competitor analysis are carried out and the preliminary preparation process of the video is completed. According to the result of the preliminary research, the most suitable, creative and original scenario is created for the project, and the pre-production phase is completed and the production phase is started.

Production (Production): According to the determined concept of the video to be prepared during the production phase, the production phase is started. At this point, there are production stages where real shots are preferred or images such as animation / motion graphics are preferred. While the actual shots are made using real actors or company employees and adhering to a certain scenario, a graphic design team including creative directors, art directors and graphic designers takes part in the animated images. When the actual shootings are completed or the animated images are prepared, the post-production stage is now passed.

Post-Production (Post-Production): During the post-production phase, the videos that have been shot or visualized are passed through voice-over, music, editing and montage processes. After the post-production phase is completed along with these processes, the production works of the video are completed and the video is ready for use.

Don't you think video content is the beginning of everything now? Let's manage this process together and create great video content!